Sergey is a composer. He has graduated from the Yerevan State Conservatory and has been writing music for nine years already. For all those years and up until now he has been writing contemporary classical music both for ensembles and solo performers.

Challenges of writing contemporary classical music

One of Sergey’s biggest challenges during those years was to find music scores to explore contemporary music notation and to get inspiration. Sergey had to spend hours in libraries trying to find the scores he needed. This was taking way too much time sometimes.  

How Symbolium helped

This year, Sergey has received a request to write music for Aram Hovhannisyan who is a talented flutist and a great composer, too. Sergey wrote the piece which is called Notifications.exe for flute and electronics. But this time, instead of spending hours researching music scores in libraries, Sergey used Symbolium digital library.

And thanks to Symbolium, he managed to write the music a few times faster.

Sergey about Symbolium

“Symbolium is a digital library where modern composers can find a variety of basic and extended techniques along with notation symbols. It is a great resource for those who are seeking new sound ideas and who have no time to spend in libraries searching for music scores. It’s a really helpful tool for composers and musicians alike to explore new sound effects and use them in their works.”

Sergey Umroyan

The results

Sergey used Symbolium to create a new contemporary classical music piece. It helped him concentrate more on the actual work, on its structure, the context rather than the research. This, however, by no means reduces the importance of research. On the contrary, with Symbolium, any composer manages to conduct thorough research in less time and be more productive.